Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enough for Everyone

Sunday we gathered at my Mother's for our family Christmas. My Mother, bless her heart, took the entire week to stress over the meal. (She added Monday through Friday because just stressing out on Saturday seemed marginal.) Now mind you, I only have one sibling, and there are only four grandchildren with 1 significant other. It hasn't been long since we have advanced to actually having a second table to create the hierarchy of a "Big" table.

To hear Mama, one would think she was serving the Queen of England and her court. Saturday night I was on the way back from Charleston when I received a call from my DH. "Please call your mother. She is not doing well." So I called her and she was no worse than I expected. I reminded her that I had offered to help. All she had to do was call me. "Well, it has just been one of those weeks. So much has happened." "Anything specific?" "No, not really. I just told Norma I had too much going on to play bridge this week.  And, everything else would just have to wait. " I reminded her that I was bringing desert and would try to be there a little early.

By the time I arrived on Sunday, my brother was already there and my Mother was all "a twitter". I just looked at my brother. His response,"I offered to help but she said she had it all under control." I went in the kitchen. My Mother (who is 4 foot 8) was moving about at a brisk pace between the stove, the pantry, and the 'fridge. There was an assortment of dishes already on the counter. I could see macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, green beans, dressing, cranberry salad, broccoli salad, and a whole turkey. "What can I do?" (Thinking most of the meal was ready and on the counter.) "Well, you can heat the BBQ?" "BBQ?" "Yes, I haven't heated the BBQ, rice, or hash."

Ohh-Kay, I thought as I went to the refrigerator and pulled out 3 pounds of meat and a quart of hash. By the time I got to the stove, I had to move the pot of collards to make room for the hash and rice. Then Mama said, "Oh, let me take the oyster pie out of the oven so you can heat up the BBQ." "Good God, Mama. How many people are you planning to feed? Last count there were only 9 of us." I want to make sure everyone gets enough." "Well, I think you can consider that done. If anyone leaves this table hungry today, it's their own fault."

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