Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Fun has Just Begun

Hail, hail the gangs all here and all Hell has ensued! Is anyone surprised? Uh, no. My oldest daughter and her beau arrived this morning at 4:30 am after a twenty hour drive east from Texas with their two pups, Sally and Sullivan. And, although I had done my best to prepare Ellie for company. You know the talks: "Ellie, your cousins from Texas are coming for the holidays and you need to play nice." All that went in one ear and out the other when the back door opened.

Picture five dogs running mad in our den - and a Christmas tree decorated with delicate glass ornaments sitting by the back door. The four of us (humans) just tried to manage the chaos. And, we were out numbered. The frightening thought was that not only was the "fun" just starting, we still one to add to the fracas - our youngest daughter had yet to show up with her pup Kennedy. With six you get egg roll.

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