Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Housekeeping Fairy MIA

Has anyone seen the Housekeeping Fairy lately? If so, please tell her/him I am in desperate need and am willing to discuss very liberal terms.

When I would sit at my Daddy's knee as a little girl, he would tell me that when I grew up I would go to college, then marry a smart (well educated) good looking man, have wonderful children, and life would be good. And, I believed him. 

I checked off the first three (Well - yeah, but Daddy failed to tell me the good looking smart man came with a zoo and that raising rearing two daughters involved hormonal chaos and was not easy. And then Mama never told me about Ultra Brite either, not that I ever looked like Farrah Fawcett - don't I wish. But, that was another issue. I digress.)

I think it was more Que Sera Sera than the Princess version (or Tara before the War) in that he also failed to tell me about Saturday mornings spent changing linens, cleaning bathrooms, and chasing those evil dust bunnies. And, no, as I have said before, I don't vacuum like June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson in high heels and pearls. But then they lived in a black and white world, and these days, we're live and in color.

Oh, and I believe. There is a Housekeeping Fairy. Isn't there?

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