Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Can Find Them on Thursday Eating BBQ

I rest my case. Thursday, I had stopped by the market where my gallery is to drop by  two new framed photos. One of the local BBQ places (the "Fire station") is located across the street. As I drove into the market's parking lot, I noticed the parking area for the BBQ restaurant was full, in fact, past capacity. Now, it was Thursday, and it was lunch time, but I wasn't sure there was that much room in the rather small concrete block building to seat a driver from each of those parked cars, much less if they brought a friend. And, the coon hunters went home last week.

When I walked in the market, a friend of mine was standing at the door looking across the street. "What's going on over there? I've never seen that many folks there before." "Rick Perry scheduled a campaign stop." As I looked back across the street, I spotted the news trucks with their satellite dishes set-up in back. Well at least someone's advance team did their homework. 

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