Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Basic Requirements

For a while now, our youngest daughter has been making comments that she had a plan for her life that included getting married by the time she was 26 years old. Since she had many other issues to deal with that I was more concerned about, ie her finishing college and getting a job, I  basically ignored her comments. Lately, however, I have started paying attention, given there is a rumor she may actually graduate from college and grow up (Who knew?). 

In a phone call with her the other night, she was asking questions about the expenses involved in getting an apartment. (Not that "independent" living is a new thing for her. She has been living "on her own" is subsidized housing in historic downtown Charleston for three years now, with her Dad and I being her benefactors. Suddenly she has realized that, perhaps, she should understand the expenses and responsibilities involved. But, I digress.) By the time, we finished discussing getting power transferred, cable service, the deposit, etc., I feared I had gone too far and we would experience "a failure to launch". Should I change the locks  on the house now?

Then the conversation switched to getting a job. I brought up benefits and that, due to Obamacare, she could stay on our medical insurance until she was 26. "What happens after that?" "You are on your own. That is why you need to be looking for a job that has benefits including health insurance - now." "Can't I buy it?" "You can, but it very expensive." "Well, I'll just add that to my list?" "Your list of job requirements?" "No, requirements for a husband.

I was almost scared to ask, "Like what requirements?" "Good looks, southern upbringing, college grad, family money, good job, likes Kennedy [her dog], and, now, has excellent health benefits." Well, we're not picky are we. (I'm sure  her term for it would be something like "culturally  selective".)  God help the poor soul who meets these requirements.

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