Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They're Flinging More than Mud in Norway

"Something's rotten in the state of Denmark." No, that was Shakespeare. "They're Flinging More than Mud in Norway." - That was the opening line of the local paper's latest installment of "Another World Turns in Norway", the continuing serial. Is Preacher, the mayor, really a constable? Can the town council meet in peace? Who broke into town hall over New Year's? Stay tuned. 

In today's segment, Councilman Covington has placed the mayor on notice to stay off his property. He accused the mayor of harassing him and his wife on the telephone and entering his property. If you will remember, I think there is still an outstanding law suit between these two dealing with slander, but I digress. 

Councilman Covington told the authorities, "he was at his horse stables when Preacher drove up on a golf cart. Covington said the mayor told him he had received a complaint about the councilman’s horse stables, saying they were “unfit for equine housing,” according to the report." The mayor's explanation Monday was that he had received a complaint that there were unpleasant smells coming from the councilman's stables. (A slight change in the story.) After much ado, and some further investigation on the mayor's part, he later stated that the unsavory odors were coming from the chicken manure being used in the surrounding fields as fertilizer and that he did not smell anything around the stables.

The mayor just wants things to calm down. The paper quoted him as saying “Enough is enough. Somebody has to have some common sense.” I don't think anyone questions that statement. But who will that be and will he arrive in time to save the day? Meanwhile we wait with bated breath for the next chapter in the continuing saga of "Another World Turns in Norway."

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