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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things Have Changed

My mother phoned, "They just called and they're almost here." "I'll be right over." 'They" being her younger (75 year old brother and his new lady friend who were coming to visit. My mother was all a flutter. Just before Christmas, my uncle, whom I have always adored, called my mother and confessed that he had left his wife of fifty plus years. According to my mother he had decided life was too short and he wanted to enjoy it while he could. Then he dropped the second bomb shell - he had a new lady friend.

He had been very hesitant to call his older sister about all this. After all, what would she think? How would she take this? Mama's reaction was, "How would I take this this? Come on now?" Meaning, give her a break. After all, her husband left her after 32 years of marriage because of her difficulties with alcohol and after years of struggling with life (many I doubt she remembers, thank God for small favors) she had gotten her life back on track and with the loss of their only sister, he was the only sibling she had left. She was fairly open minded about his plight.

This puts my three cousins (all happily married with children) in the category of "from a Broken Home" - a social scarlet letter and fate worse than death according to my mother when I was growing up. Of course this was before my brother and I were also thrown into this category when our parents divorced after we were young adults. Needless to say, this term is no longer in my mother's vocabulary. 

My how things have changed.

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