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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Modern Marvel of Duct Tape

A few months back (and while I was out of town) I was enjoying some adult beverages with colleagues when someone made a comment to a friend of mind that she never parted with her Louis Vuitton bag.( And, I'm sure I'm the only one who had to Google it, but if not, I'll save you the time. Those are the brown handbags and luggage folks proudly tote around with the LV logo on them. Confused me, 'cause I was brought up that a young lady always used her own monogram. But I digress.) Any who, her response was, "Of course I always have it. I wouldn't go anywhere without it. In fact it is indispensable.

I interjected, "So if you were stranded on a desert island, you would want your bag?" "Well, of course. What would you take?" "For starters - duct tape." At this point the rest of the table ordered another round and sat back. "And, matches and WD-40," I added. Now, I don't get credit for being so prepared. Mrs. Hewett taught us well when we working on our "Survival" badge in Girl Scouts. "And, a mirror." "Well, I've got one of those," my friend said. Everyone got a chuckle out of that.

Seriously, though, duct tape is a fundamental staple around our house. And, we have two kinds. We have regular duct tape and industrial (will hold everything together through a hurricane) strength duct tape. And, around here, there are acceptable uses for duct tape and those that will show your true colors. Duct taping two pieces of insulation together that are behind the yard house is fine. Using it to mend the rip in the front seat of your 1983 Chevy indicates you most likely have a major appliance on your front porch, there's a CB antennae on the top of your truck, or more than likely there's a painting on black velvet some where in your house.

Who hasn't used the magic gray sticky strand as a badge of honor? "I was able to fix it with duct tape until I could get to the store." Or shame, "Why it's amazing that cooler's water tight, seen'ns that it's barely held together by duct tape." After all, what other miracle of modern man can salvage so many dire situations, it can substitute for a lint brush, fix sneakers, repair a garden hose, cover the torn cover of a book, temporarily hem your dress, hide a spare key, fix vinyl siding, and yes, even, repair that Louis Vuitton bag - almost as good as new.  

And, for those who have no pride, they make red duct tape to "fix" broken tail lights. What a modern marvel.


Lynn Fralick said...

Ooooo, you done gone and done it now. Duct tape on a LV? I know what that is because my sistah has two!

AC said...

Some of my best friends have LV bags. My weaknesses are Coach and Brahman, but niether of those would help me on a desert island.