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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They're Claiming Kin and Eating Catfish

Oh Lordy, now they are claiming kin down here, saying they like catfish, and befriending Jeff Foxworthy. (Next thing you know they'll start commenting about only making left turns when they drive.) Like my Aunty used to say, "God love 'em, . . . someone's gottta."

Move along now. Nothing to see here. There is little doubt in my mind, if it were not politically incorrect, one of them would break out in a chorus of "Dixie" at any given moment. (Of course, it ain't over - some one may yet be willing to sell their soul to the devil.)

And, yes the stars fell on Alabama but it's best to keep it on down low, down south. And, I'd really be careful in Mississippi. Strange things tend to happen there. (According to the Kalbs and Ray Stevens.) There was that incident in the First Self-Righteous Church where "seven deacons and the pastor got saved, Twenty-five thousand dollars was raised, and fifty volunteered for missions in the Congo on the spot. Even without an invitation there were at least five hundred rededications, And [they] all got baptized whether [they] needed it or not."

So save some squirrel getting loose, Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, maybe we'll make it through this and life will return to (our) normal.

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Lynn Fralick said...

Amen! I am so tired of their blathering and am embarrassed for them. If they only knew how we hold people in contempt who try to "pass"!

Loving these!