Monday, March 5, 2012

The Things You Say

 I was discussing the new fashion styles for women with a friend of mine. I commented on a particular dress, "That's uglier than homemade soup." She just started laughing, "What?" "Oh, for cryn' out loud, you can't say you like that?" "I'm not laughing at the dress." Then it dawned on me, she was laughing at me. "Where do you get the things you say?" "Like what?" "Like homemade soup? Uglier than homemade soup?" "Come on, that's older than dirt." She just died laughing.
There were several thoughts that went through my mind, none of which (come to think of it) were going to help my case. Did she think I had just fallen off a turnip truck? These were all sayings I had heard since I was knee high to a bull frog.

"Since I moved down here, I have heard the oddest things. I expected to hear the southern accent, but it is the sayings that I find so amusing." "Well, I'm glad we're so entertaining." "Please don't take it the wrong way. I find it very endearing." "Oh honey, Bless your heart, I'm sure you do.

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