Friday, April 13, 2012

Entertaining Ellie

It's all relative - in size that is. Thatcher and Abby, our two Airedales play "Airedale games" which bring much joy to them. Personally, I have never figured out the rules or the point of the various competitions, but they enjoy them, so be it. Ellie, on the other hand, finds "Airedale games" totally annoying because, not being an Airedale, she is excluded from the play. 

At times, when Thatcher and Abby are totally concentrated with each other and whatever game is afoot,  in frustration, Ellie just resorts to biting their ankles. One of two things will happen, either they will ignore her and continue on (which just irritates the Hell out of her and she starts making noises one would expect to come from a Tasmanian Devil) or the fairly tame game will become an all out ruckus. 

This morning I was working on my computer and I could hear Ellie growling and tussling about on the floor. Although, I could not see her I could tell there was much movement going on. Whoever she was playing with was catching Hell. Often, when she wants to play, she will aggravate one of the dogs until they have no choice but to play with her, if for no other reason but to get her to eventually leave her alone. Which ever dog she was badgering was not only being attacked unmercifully, they had not yet reached the point of surrender. 

As the ruckus continued, I finally got up to see what was going on. My worse fear was that she had irritated Thatcher - our ancient Airedale - to her death and now Ellie was standing over her warm corpse, furious that she would no longer play with her.  To my surprise there was Ellie, happy as a duck (although surprisingly a dry duck) playing by herself.

She was upside down, rolling on the floor, fighting with a dog toy. And, I was not sure who was winning. She would bite and shake it then suddenly roll over as if the toy had thrown her on her back and she was fighting off an aggressive enemy. Like a child, having an invisible friend, my guess was this was her way of saying, "Fine, I'll go play my own game!"

Later I walked in the den, to hear her once again by herself growling and rolling on the floor. This time there was no toy in sight. Suddenly, she stopped and tossed this tiny object in the air and ran over to it and barked at it, as of it were going to attack her. With her right paw she pushed it across the floor and barked at it once again. When she threw it in the air once more, I saw it was a June Bug. 

Well, if nothing else, she can entertain herself.

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