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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Good Idea at the Time

Eight months ago my oldest daughter called and asked if I would help her do the flowers for her college roommate's wedding. I was so taken that she would want me to help, of course I said I would. Besides we adore her roommate. And, it was a good idea at the time.

How difficult could it be doing flowers for a wedding? After all Martha Stewart makes it look so easy. "It's a good thing." Right? My daughter, the uber organizer and ultra bargain hunter immediately went to work plotting the details. So far, so good. After all, I had won ribbons in the flower shows with my garden club. It was going to be an outdoor wedding, so there was no formal church to deal with. Sigh of relief.

Then they announced the venue - a hotel resort on the harbor. How romantic. One small detail that we needed to work with - they were getting married on the pier. Actually they were getting married at the end of the pier. When we went to look at the venue, I saw that the pier was probably 200 feet long. OK, my Garden Club never addressed decorating a pier. We quickly agreed that  we would only need to decorate  the end of the pier (where the actual ceremony would take place).  No problem, that's doable.

Doable became a little challenging when the resort representative, who I found unfriendly and even less accommodating, especially considering the bride and groom were paying the resort a considerable sum for the "privilege" of their services, informed us of what we could and couldn't use on the pier. Then the kicker was, "Oh, and remember, everything has to be removed as soon as the ceremony is over." (As in prior to the reception.) Well, that's novel, I thought.

The plan was simple - we would decorate the afternoon of the wedding, the ceremony would take place at the end of the pier, everyone would move to the appointed area for the reception, meanwhile we would quickly remove all the decorations and join them. After the reception, the bride and groom would sail off into the harbor bidding farewell to all their friends and loved ones. 

Sounded like a plan to me. As soon as we knew how we were going to decorate the pier, what the bride and the attendants would carry, how the reception would be decorated, where we would procure all these floral supplies, and where we would stage all this in preparation. 

No problem.  Best case, we pull this off. Worst case, it is a dismal failure and we manage to ruin the most important day of the Bride's life. No pressure there.

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