Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pictures from the Wedding

I had a request for pictures from Artie and Brian's wedding of the flowers. I did not have any but here are links to some of the official pictures from the professional wedding photographers, Chris and Cami Photography . Someone asked if I would do this again. My answer: I was happy to do it for Artie, however this was my debut and my swan song.

Nosegays and Cala Lilys

Hydrangeas on the Pier

Table Flowers in Mason Jars and Floating Candles

Flower Girl Basket


Orchid on Curley Willow

Decorated Wedding Cake

My daughter on the right (in aqua), Artie, the Bride, & Danny on the left (in navy) -  who  worked as hard as anyone on the floral project
Artie and Brian - the Bride and Groom

All of the creative genius behind this goes to my oldest daughter, I just followed along carrying out the plan.


EJAH said...

You may retire as a floral designer with pride in a job, while it may have nearly killed you, well executed. It was lovely.

AC said...

Thank you, but I will rest on my laurels.