Friday, April 27, 2012

Road Kill

Road kill has always been part of life down here. It is not unusual to see carcases of deer, fox, 'possum, and the occasional raccoon who met their demise on the road. I say "occasional" because raccoons are rather bright creatures and tend to look both ways before they cross the road - 'possums never figured that one out - but I digress. The newest addition to the list being armadillos or 'possum on the half shell as we refer to them.

A fiscal barometer of the day is how long the carcases stay on the road, during dire times - not long.  In lean times even the buzzards don't fare well.  A good country cook knows how to fix a quite tasty meal given a fresh piece of road kill, collard greens, and corn bread - so I have heard, although I have never tried it (that I know of).

Deer present a particular conundrum.  Here in South Carolina our hunting season lasts from August 15 through January 1, and everyone down here who drives a truck, fancies themselves as a deer hunter. I love the story of a friend of mine who walked into a fellow hunter's den only to see the new trophy of an eight point buck hanging on the wall. "Wow, how did you kill that?" "Oh, with my Browning." Only to have his wife correct him, "Excuse me, I think your mother got that one with her '99 Oldsmobile." While they are by the far, the biggest bag, they are also Allstate's nightmare. 

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