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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Friends Walk into a Bar

It was eleven o'clock on a lovely Friday morning, and my friends and I were doing what we often found ourselves doing while were out and about - looking for a bar. Well, me explain before you make any hasty judgment, we had been up, out, and about walking and shopping since nine that morning and we were thirsty. 

After two failed attempts, we found a wonderful bar in one of Charleston's well known restaurants.  As we sat on the bar stools with our assortment of purses and bags, the cute girl behind the bar took our order. When she brought our drinks, there was the normal chit chat. She learned we were on a "girls weekend" and I'm sure by looking at our assortment of bags assumed we were there to shop. 

A little later she came back and asked if we needed anything else. "Another round," my friend said.  She just smiled and said, "Sure." When she brought our libations, she commented, "Y'all look like you are having fun." Then we explained that this was the lead up weekend to our semi-annual trip to Grand Cayman. Her reaction, "Wow."

A short time later she came back, "Are you ready for the check?"  One of us politely smiled and said, "After another round." "Ladies, I underestimated you."  Oh, I thought to myself, we haven't even got to lunch yet.

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