Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Preparations Chapter 1

In planning the flowers for the reception the two main arrangements for the buffet table were going to be curly willow. A great deal of time was spent on the design, procurement of the pieces, and construction for the arrangements. But we knew the resulting effect would be worth it.

Starting in September, my daughter priced curly willow and it was outrageously expensive. I'm talking $25 or $30 for 2 or 3 stems. We needed more stems, it needed to be taller, and we were on a budget. At one point she was thrilled to find some tall pieces at a great price, only upon closer inspection to see that it had twinkling lights (permanently) adorning it. The disco effect was not what we had in mind.

Somewhere along the way, she found dried orchid blossoms. The delicate blossoms were both elegant and very different and would fit into the design she had in mind for the arrangement. So she had them shipped to my house. When they arrived, I almost panicked. Yes, they were beautiful, but so fragile. If you moved the box suddenly you could see petals drop. (Little did I know this would be a sign of things to come.)

Another issue were the vases. We needed two, two feet tall clear glass vases to hold the sand that would safely anchor the curly willow. I had seen these in most of the craft shops as I walked down the aisles toward the frame section, I felt certain they were fairly common.  And, since they were an easy item and usually there were coupons on line, we checked that one off.

Not being able to find curly willow, we realized we had no choice but order it with the rest of the flowers from the wholesale florist. In the fog of my floral selections, I did remember the curly willow and they had lovely pieces with a gracious plenty of branches, 6 feet tall. And, the price was very reasonable. Check that off the list.

The Thursday before the wedding, I was in one of the craft stores looking for the two vases. When I didn't see them, I asked for assistance. "Oh, we don't always have vases that tall. What do you need them for." When I explain what we plan to put together, the lady just stared at me. Then slowly said, "OK, you might want to try the craft store across town, maybe they will have them." Long story, short the other craft store did not have any either and we were forty eight hours from "I Do" and I didn't have vases.

In the mean time, my daughter called. She had left the raffia - at home - in Texas. (The special yellow, blue, and white raffia that she spent a great deal of time finding on line and was one of the few things the bride requested.) So I added raffia to my quest to find the elusive vases. Needless to say there was no yellow, blue or white raffia to be found. So I picked up spools of ribbon in the same colors.

When I called her, I could tell, this was not a good choice, "How wide is it?" "3/4s, maybe an inch." "Oh. Well just bring it." "What's wrong with that?" "Nothing, I just don't want the jars to look like they should be in Barbie's Dream House. You know the Bride is not like that."  So, I add ribbon (but not any Barbie would have) back to my list with the vases. I am frantically checking craft stores all the way to the wedding venue. We were less than thirty hours and counting now. 

After three towns and umpteen stores in twenty four hours, just 20 miles shy of my destination, I find two vases. And, I find some un-Barbie like ribbon. Success.

Now on to the wedding. Let the fun begin.

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