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Friday, May 18, 2012

Angels in White

Someone asked me what I was talking about yesterday when I mentioned the "ladies in white". Well, down here in country churches, during revivals and funerals when the spirit really moves someone they tend to "fall out" (or fall down) and there are ladies dressed in white, sometimes referred to as "angels" or "nurses" who are at the front of the church to tend them.

Now, as a Presbyterian growing up we never had such angels at our church. But then again, we were fairly reserved and when the spirit moved us, generally it was in a more a private way. Someone standing in front of the congregation shouting "Hallelujah" was frowned upon. In fact, if that happened, they would probably be thought of as "touched" more than "saved". 

As an Episcopalian later in life, if it wasn't in the Book of Prayer or order of service, it wasn't done. And, I don't think standing up before God and everyone shouting "Hallelujah" was in there. The spirit that moved us, generally came in some type of bottle and was 86 proof.

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