Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Not a Painter

I needed large prints of three of my photographs. While I print the smaller copies myself, I use a lab for the larger prints. On this particular occasion I did not have enough time to get the prints from my regular lab, so I ordered them from Wal-mart.

 I went to the photo department to pick them up. I gave them my name for the order. The lady at the counter asked, "You're Ann?" "Yes mam." "You painted those pictures?" "No. They are photographs, but I did take the photographs." "They're not paintings?" "No." "Girl, they are good!" "Thank you."

Then she called to her co-worker, "Come over here.  Ann, the painter, came to pick up her pictures." Her co-worker walked over. "Those certainly are some awfully fine paintings." "Well thank you, but they are photographs." "Photographs? How did you make them look like that?" I went in and manipulated the picture until I got the result I wanted." "And, you didn't paint it?" "No mam." "It's not a painting?" "No, it's a photograph." "Well, it's mighty fine. You do good work." "Well thank you." 

"We hope you'll bring more of your paintings in.

Maybe it would be easier just to say I painted them. They didn't seem to hear otherwise.

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