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Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Sighting

The House Cleaning Fairy came to one lady's house and she failed to appreciate it. Maybe she doesn't get it. For those us believers (or dreamers) this would have been a dream come true.) See http://bit.ly/NmPRGd.

The comments to this story ranged from "I'd pay her $75, here is my address . . ." to "Does this lady not have a clue what miracle just happened her?" to "Maybe if I leave my door open she'll come to my house."

Of course, there were those negative Ninnies who said things like, "Who would leave trash in the trash can and dirty dishes in the sink when they leave the house?" (Please don't ever come to my house- you would have a stroke.) And, "I don't blame her for calling the police, this was a crime." (I wonder if the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny have this address marked on their list?)

Whatever the case, for the record, she (or he) is more than welcome at my home at anytime. And, I'll leave a napkin and pen on the kitchen table.

PS Help yourself to any snacks you want. And, the Diet Cokes are in the 'fridge.

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