Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Establishment of Faith and Culture

A trip to the local BBQ establishment reminded me how they are truly a location of tradition, a beholder of faith, and, truly, a barometer of our local culture - good, bad, and ugly.

Whenever I feel the world is moving too quickly and I yearn for some grounding, (and a good meal sans any nutrition) I head for BBQ. It is the true comfort food, with a heaping of entertainment thrown in.

Besides the mouth watering food for a few bucks one can procure a t-shirt sporting a fat pig's face and the establishment's name, various swine figurines, silk flower arrangements, and used books. Did I mention their offerings were fairly eclectic?

Last weekend, I noticed a new addition to the non-food offerings - crosses. Two foot tall wooden crosses decorated with bright colored plastic flowers - the kind one sees on the side of the highway in memory of a loved one lost at that particular location. Really? Stick with the pigs and the t-shirts.

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