Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mama's Not Happy with me

My Mama is not happy with me. I had to tell her yesterday that I could not go on the annual "Family Beach Week" because I had go to Arizona for work. And, no there was no way to get out of it. To be honest, I really wanted to go to the beach with the family. My brother's kids are growing up and soon, they will be like mine and will be "too busy" to spend time with the "old folks". And, while Mama is pretty spry, at 79, she is not a young chick any more. But, there was no way to get around the work assignment. Trust me, I tried.

Of course, Mama did not take the news lying down. Oh, she was stoic. "I guess your brother can help me get everything set-up." "Mama, I've talked with him and he assured me he will take care of everything." "Well, I supposed it was more important that he know this first?" (Oh boy. There is no wining here.)

"But, we've known for months the dates we've planned to go to the beach." "Mama, I know we have. Unfortunately, the government didn't ask me about my vacation my plans when they set this up. It was supposed to be in May but the date got changed." 

"And, you leave tomorrow for the Bahamas?" (I knew what was coming next.) "Yes, I leave tomorrow. But,  I am going to the Cayman Islands, not the Bahamas." "Whatever?" "I'll be back next Saturday." "And, you're going with those women." "Mama, those women are some of my closest friends." "I still say you need to be careful hanging out with women like that. It's just not good, leaving your husband at home and all - for a week." "Mama, he's a big boy. He'll be alright."

"You know people around here talk about you traveling off with women and leaving him at home." "Mama, he doesn't want to go. Besides, he knows my friends." "I'm just saying people talk. And, you are sure there is no way you can get out of going to Arizona?" "No, mam." "What if you ask your boss? Who is your boss anyway" "Mama, one of those women is my boss?" "Oh."

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