Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mr. Welk Say It's Not So!

My grandmother loved Lawrence Welk. She always said in a time of loose morals among the youth, he always had the most clean cut young people on his show who sang good wholesome songs about the goodness of God. After all Mr. Welk stood for everything she believed in, God, America, and the Presbyterian Church. Now, I'm not sure he was a Presbyterian, but in her mind, he could have been and would have made a good one. But I digress.

My Daddy got major brownie points when he presented her with tickets to see the Lawrence Welk show live when it came to the Coliseum in Columbia. And, he had her seats on the floor on the front row. The only thing better was if he had arranged for Mr. Welk to have asked her to dance at the end of the show. She could have been the "Champagne Lady" of the evening. (Unless you watched the show, this will be lost one you.) Needless to say, even without the dance, she was tickled pink. 

Although, I never listened to hard core music, my choice of tunes was frowned upon. Honestly, I think anything after Bill Haley ruined the musical world forever, was unacceptable. 

Every once in a while, I will come across an old Lawrence Welk show and it will remind me  fondly of those afternoons watching the old guy with my Grandmother. However, I came across a YouTube video of one of his episodes (an actual show that was broadcast) that made me stop in my tracks. 

"What the heck?"

Trust me, it is worth your time. Please click on this link and pay close attention: Lawrence Welk

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This cracked me up!!!