Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Fold or Not

A (new) blogger friend of mine brought up the topic of properly folding fitted sheets. Which begs to ask the question - why? I will confess that several years ago, I took the time to find two videos on line and after the better part of a Saturday afternoon, my laptop,  and several words my dear Aunt Kat never uttered, I was able to learn that who-in-the Hell-cares-anyway skill of folding the piece of 650 thread count Egyptian cotton cloth. 

But why take the time to properly fold, crease, gently turn, and flatten the fitted sheet when it does little to remove the wrinkles. Oh, it will keep them wrinkle free - if and only if - they are removed promptly from the dryer and properly folded and put away immediately. But, I am very concerned about those who wait patiently by their clothes dryer for the cycle to end so they can whisk their sheets out, correctly fold them, and place them carefully in their well organized linen closet. 

The alternative being ironing. I will not go there. One has way too much time if they iron their sheets, too much money if they pay someone else to do it, and, OCD issues if this is something that keeps them up at night - but I digress.

My linen closet has a door on it for a reason - so guests walking down my hall are spared my methods of organization (or lack thereof). I would much rather they get their entertainment from the parlor games in our den,  the interesting gossip shared in the kitchen, or the debates over dinner than a glimpse into the innards of my linen closet. 

Oh, my linens are clean, folded, and organized by bed size - at the least the top four shelves are. (As for the lower ones, we won't go there.) I just use the term "folded" a little loosely when it comes to the fitted sheets. Perhaps neatly rolled would be a better description.  However, I imagine their condition looks very similar to those of most Americans - the "folded" fitted sheets that is, not the linen closet.


Lynnfralick said...

I don't even bother; I wash the sheets, dry them and put them back on the bed!  I love the just laundered smell!

Ann Currie said...

Now that's an idea. But, I am not that industrious. I make it a multi- step process involving a basket, several days, and a period of rest. (For the sheets.) Often times, this process is completed just in time for the next change, thereby bypassing the annoying linen closet and folding issues.