Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't Mess with the Braves

There was a television in Mama's room in CCU that stayed on, usually muted. During the first part of the week, Mama was on oxygen and intobated, to see if they could reduce the pressure on her lung. She just didn't feel well and we would leave her alone unless she asked for something.

While I was standing by her bed she asked what time it was. "Almost five o'clock." "Can you change the channel to 21 or 31. The Braves are playing the Dodgers tonight and I'd like to watch the game." I changed the TV channel and sure enough on channel 31, the game was scheduled at 7pm. I turned around and told her it was set. Then she asked for the remote. "I'll keep that. Knowing them, they'll try to mute the TV so I can get some rest."

When I came back at 8 that evening she was flat on her back but the game was on. I walked up to her bedside. "We're not doing so good," she said. "You or the Braves?" "The Braves, they can't get a man on base and the next man up is not one of our better runners." "How do you know who's next?" I asked, not knowing much about baseball. "They announced the lineup at the start of the game."

I just sat down to let her rest. A few minutes later, I was sure she was asleep by sound of her breathing. Then I heard from her bed, "Now, that boy is going places. They paid almost nothing for him and everyone said he would not amount to much but he can hit. He needs to work on his fielding, but he is coming along." There was a base hit and loud applause. 

The nurse came in to check on her. She looked at the monitor, adjusted Mama's covers, and made sure all her wires and tubes were not tangled. Then she came over to me, "She seems to be resting well, finally. Perhaps we should turn the TV off. I really don't want her to be bothered." "I don't think that's the case." About that time, from the bed, we heard, "Now Chipper Jones is up next. You know this is his last season." "I thought he was long gone," I said. With that she started giving out his stats for past few years and when he had been on the disabled list and for what injuries. The nurse looked at me, "Guess, we'll keep the TV on.

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