Monday, August 6, 2012

The Grand Affair

I could not help but over hear two older ladies sitting in front me talk before the movie started . "You should have seen that wedding. It was the darnedest thing." "I can't image going." "Oh, It was lovely. And, I don't know who did the flowers but I have never seen such. And, John , he had so many friends, well, they just called everyone bridespeople to keep it simple." All this time she was using her hands to add to her excitement in telling the story. 

"And, there were a lot of people there?" "The place was full." "Of, people we know?" "Mary, Faye, Bill, Mike, and Taylor were there." "I'm not surprised Taylor was there." Ignoring the last comment, the story teller just continued with flourish. "And, they made it fun.They had a photo booth and all these costumes folks could wear for pictures." "Well I've never heard of such." "It was a blast." "I can't imagine." "Everyone was having so much fun with it. Mary and Bill dressed up as a can can girl and a cowboy were a hoot."

"But what was the ceremony like? If there was a ceremony?" "Of course there was a ceremony. It was so touching. John and Mark walked down the aisle together, dressed in matching tuxes. Oh, both of them are so handsome." She paused as if she was reliving the moment. "And, at the end of the ceremony, when they kissed everyone cheered loudly. And, Mark, turned around and said 'Let's Party'".

"What in the world did you wear?" "My peach colored dress I wore to Meg's wedding." "Weren't you over dressed?" "Oh, no, it was a dressy affair. Remember it was after six." "With the photo booth?" "Who says you can't have fun at a formal wedding? And the band was great. And, I told you we had a sit down dinner. I had such a blast dancing with Harry." "Harry was there?" "Harry and Marge, James and Pearl, oh, and Dick." "Dick?"

"Certainly you don't have a problem with John and Mark getting married?" "Of course not." "I'm just sorry you missed it." "And, you said Harry and Dick were there?" "Everyone but you." "I just don't know what I would have worn to such as affair?" "Oh, I imagine there might be something hiding in your closet."

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