Saturday, September 15, 2012


My mother, bless her heart, left us with much - memories, family pictures, lovely antiques, a lifetime of jigsaw puzzles, and as many plastic ponchos as we could ever use. We have generations of old china and dozens of new glasses. 

There are the plethora of pillows, countless clocks, and the "As Seen on TV" treasures we have found. We cannot forget the "King of Swing" Buckwheat doll, that priceless object d'art. However, for all her prized belongings, her treasured antiques, her random objects, we have yet to find a will, as in Last Will and Testament. 

There were a lot of things about my mother that were predictable - getting from her house to anywhere else in town involved a rather circuitous route past the front of my house,  she never failed to remember everyone's birthday, anniversary, or other significant holiday and the cards always arrived on the correct day despite the many failures of the US Postal Service, and she was the only person I knew who had her car serviced not one mile past the exact mileage suggested by the manufacturer (as if the car were going to self destruct should the service schedule not be met.) A lot of things about my mother were predictable - her last thoughts of distribution not being one of them.  I only fear how ugly it could get should the inheritance of Buckwheat be up for grabs. What if there are not enough plastic ponchos to go around?

Seriously, this is a problem. After searching high and low, gleaning through each piece of paper, flipping through every magazine, catalog, and book, turning over every sofa cushion and mattress, we have yet to find one. Being the tidy book keeper, and detailed business woman, I feel certain this is a detail she did not overlook. However, we cannot find it. It was not in the safe deposit box. None of the three attorneys she dealt with had knowledge of one existing. Her CPA could offer us no help either. So here we are, asking ourselves WWMD (What Would Mama Do)?

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