Thursday, October 4, 2012

A True Friend Is . . .

A good friend is someone you know will always be there for you when you need them. Someone who texts you frequently while you are dealing with your mother's death. She is the one who doesn't have to call when she hears the bad news because she already knows how bad it is. She is already with you either on the phone or at your side. She is the friend who understands when she doesn't hear from you for a while and suddenly you call out of the blue in desperate need of support. And, she knows you'd be there for her if the roles were reversed.

The two of you can go for months and not communicate, but at the first sight or with the next call, you pick up where you were as if you'd never been apart. Minor tiffs are just those - minor. Major disagreements are made up with heart felt apologies because you both value your friendship above most things in life.

A true friend is the one who will suggest that glass of wine when you both know that the swimsuit just will not do. She (or he) is the one you can count on to tell you that your hair cut is atrocious and it really is time to find a new stylist (or a stylist at all).  Or, the one who insists that you really need that new skirt that you saw while the two of you were shopping and you just couldn't justify it.

A real friend is the one who keeps that secret that you can confess to no one else. She was the only one you felt would understand. But, there are the times her knowledge of your secret it not from your confession, but because she was there when it happened, sometimes as a co-conspirator. She (or he) is the one who can look at you as you stand with a group in a social situation, roll her eyes, and not only do you know exactly what she in thinking, you agree with her. 

If your husband is smart, she is the one he will call, if he wants to know what you have been hinting about for Christmas and he doesn't have a clue. And, she is the one you made promise she would clean out your refrigerator before the lady's from the church arrive after you meet your untimely demise. 

The bottom line is that a true friend is not trite but something we all should cherish. 

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Linda Medrano said...

Honey, true friends are far and few between.  We only get a few in a whole lifetime.  We have charming "summer flings" with people, but they are not the ones who stick around when the skies turn dark along with our hearts.