My Life a Bit South of Normal

My Life a Bit South of Normal

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quietly Find the Back Door

And, that's just what I did - go back to my car and slink back home. The judges encouraged me to submit entries next August. If they did not care for my work in 2012, why are they going to like it in 2013. I am sure I will have a better attitude in time. But, why should I put myself through that again. Oh, sure you're told only 20 artists were selected for the final judging and you should be proud you were one of those. (Close only counts in horse shoes and atomic bombs.) 

At this point, I'm ready to put my camera down and walk away for a while. Actually, I think the problem is I haven't picked the camera up in three months. The few moments I had the time, I wasn't in the right place. If I was in the right place, the light was atrocious. I just need to get away from it all and go shoot something - with the Nikon that is. That will comfort my soul. Of course only if the light is right, I find a great place to go, and something decent comes from the effort.

The odds don't look too good here.


EJAH said...

You're fine.  The timing just wasn't right this year.

Ann Currie said...

Well, it's not like I can do anything about it now.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But, thanks for the support.

Linda Medrano said...

I think your photos are amazing.  If you weren't in the final cut, something is rotten in Dixie.

Ann Currie said...

Well, I look at it this way - I like them and other folks like them enough to pay money for them (or else feel so sorry for me they will buy them out of pure pity). So either I have fans or I have folks who care enough to foster this charade. Either way, I'm either talented  or "touched".  I appreciate your kind words.

Lynnfralick said...

They will realize their loss soon!  Your work is wonderful.  I LOVE the note cards.  Don't let the snobs get to you!

Ann Currie said...

I have licked my wounds and moved on. My work is not for everyone. But, there are those who seem to appreciate it and that is all that matters to me and I like it. I am not here to please the masses. If I were I would strive to be a Thomas Kincade.