Saturday, October 20, 2012

What the Stats Say

This is random, but on your Flickr account one can check the stats of how many people look at your photos each day, which ones they view, and how many times each has ever been viewed. Now, if you follow my Blog you know that I generally do landscape photography. Occasionally, I'll throw in some colorful 'local' scenery to share life in our part of the world with everyone else. In the 1000's of photos I have on the my photo stream on Flickr, obviously there are a plethora of those many of you have never seen, probably will never see, or would ever care to see.

Yesterday, I had an email from some stranger online requesting that I join their photography group of "Rusty Cars" and post one or two of my pictures of decayed vehicles. So I went online to my account to join his group, oblige him, and make his day. It was the least I could do. If my photo of a 50 year old rusty truck made him happy - so be it.

While I was on the website, I decided I would look at my stats. I always find it fascinating to see what others are interested in. What I found was that either I have misread my audience, I need to reevaluate my subject matter, or most people on that web site are, as my Mama would say, "Not our kind of people". Out of the 2,685 photos I have in my photo stream and the 31,002 views I have had (as of today), the most viewed photograph of mine is this one:

And, their second choice was this one:

Followed in third place, with this one:

You have to get to number 20 on the list to get to anything, I would have guessed anyone would have been interested in:

All I can say is go figure. I'm clueless here. Snakeskin? Really?

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