Friday, November 9, 2012

Skyfall, a Movie Review

Daniel Craig in a Tom Ford suit, wait Daniel Craig in anything, or nothing for that matter, is the quintessential Bond. To be as much a traditionalist as I am and a long time Bond fan, I never thought anyone could replace Sean Connery, but Craig with his steely character, remote expression, tall svelte body and those piercing blue eyes may be what Ian Fleming had in mind all along - if not, he should have.

And, the story line of Skyfall is excellent as well. Actually, given the film opens with an incredible chase scene in Turkey which ends in Bond's death - no spoiler here. From there the story gets interesting and the plot very intriguing as, needless to say, 007, alive and well after all, is sent to far away exotic places looking fine in his tuxedo as he gets the girl(s) while in search of the evil doer. 

And old favorites like Ms. Moneypenny and the iconic Aston Martin make appearances. The plot is timely (cyber terrorism), well executed, and moves along quickly enough to keep your attention but not so fast you get lost in the action. One complaint I have of action flicks is interminably long shootem' up chase scenes. This movie executes such fast paced combat pursuits as sharply and well done as Mr. Bond wears his tailored suits - perfectly sized  made of exquisite material with not a wrinkle to b seen.
A bit about Bond's past is revealed which adds more lore to the mystique and humanity to his character. 

After 50 years of Bond, the franchise just gets better. I highly recommend Skyfall.

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