Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Party's (almost) Over

Our long national nightmare (or at least the past twelve painful months of campaign ads, polls, and pundits) will be over tonight.  Now, personally, I am very interested in politics and the political system. I grew up in the land of "Dixiecrats", the Democrats who voted like today's Republicans btp (before the Tea Party). My Granddaddy proudly swore he never voted for a Republican, of course Strom Thurmond didn't count when he changed parties. There were cans of Goldwater (seriously) proudly displayed on the book case in our den. (After intense questioning on my part, my father finally admitted that the green and gold cans contained ginger-ale.) But, these are not my father's times.

Personally, I am pretty tired of hearing blue state, red state, the magic wall, the magic number, and the electoral college. To paraphrase our dear Scarlett, "Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, if I hear Ohio once more, I'll go in the house and slam the door." In fact, the way the pundits make it sound, the rest of us may as well stay home and just watch the evening news to see how Ohio votes. Do the rest of us really matter? 

Hello? I think so, the last time I checked, Ohio only had  18 delegates to the electoral college. Little ol' South Carolina has 9, and we haven't got the half the attention. Assumptions are made that "they" know how we are going to vote. "Move along, nothing to see here." Maybe so, but it would be nice (or at least a novel idea) to wait until the votes were counted before telling the world how we voted. If they already know, why should we bother, it just becomes a self prophesying outcome. That is unless they don't.

So, I'll go and vote, and hope everyone else does also. Then endure the pundits' final hours.

But, alas, whatever the turn out, I guess this means the President will no longer leave any more of those cheery messages on my answering machine.  And, I thought I was special.

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