Monday, December 17, 2012

A Santa Walks in a Bar . . .

We were on our way from the diamond district (where I shopped vicariously with my good friend who collects jewelry like I collect grocery coupons.) As we got to the garment district, a band of Santas passed us. We just looked at each other and laughed. As we continued on our way toward Macy's there seemed to be a group of Santas on every corner. (I never knew Santas traveled in packs.) And, it was quite the variety.

Most had the traditional red velvet suit, wide black belt, and a white beard. Once in a while there was a green one thrown in for effect. Oh, there were a smattering of young ladies dressed as reindeer amongst the roving groups. Finally, my friend commented, "You know I think they have a Santa Parade every year." My response, "If they do, I think we are seeing the remnants." 

Oh, they were a jolly bunch OK. Some of them jollier than others. One stopped and asked if I had tickets to "Jersey Boys". He was feeling no pain. 

We continued on to Grand Central Station. And, all along the way we passed merry bands of Santas walking along. And, they did not seem to be going in any one direction. So far, short of the entertainment value, there was no method to this madness. 

After we left Grand Central Station and were making our way up Madison, it was time to pause for refreshment. An Irish Pub seemed to be the best place, mainly because we were thirsty and it was in front of us. We made our way into the traditional small bar and settled on two stools. The bar maid asked us for our order in a light Irish brogue. Yep, this was the real thing. You couldn't make this up - the dark wood, the mirrored wall with bottles of liquor, and a few locals down at the end of the long bar chatting to each other.

As we sat there enjoying our adult beverages, my friend asked the bar maid, "What is the deal with all the Santas ? They are everywhere." In her lilting broque ( that I could listen to for hours) she said, "Tis that day? It must be the annual Santa pub crawl. They dress up like Santas and go over the city from pub to pub." Well, that fit the bill.

"What time do they start?" we asked. "About 10 in the mornin'. And, about 3 this place will be packed with them. Tis not a pretty thing. Glad I get off at 6.

It wasn't long before the first three Santas came through the door. It was 2 o'clock. She knew what she was talking about. In 15 minutes, we were in pub full of Santas (and a few requisite elves, reindeer, and a Christmas tree with paper bows stuck all over her, I guess for 'lights'.) They were having a jolly good time as only Santas can.
We made our way out of the bar, wading through a sea of red. My friend commented, "Who knew?" "I'm just glad we do now," I said as 2 Santas, a reindeer, and an elf in red and white striped tights held the door for us. "Oh, I believe."


Barbara said...

I guess it's a good thing that it's a few days early so we can be sure they've all sobered up before they have to drive the sleighs!

Ann Currie said...

Maybe it's the sober one who get's the job!!

Linda Medrano said...

How fun!