Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santas on Parade

I want everyone to truly experience Santa Con. So I went and pulled out some of the scenes I was able to capture of the jolly souls on the streets of New York Saturday, lest you think it was a random sighting.

Some were more festive than others:

Some were more creative:

There were a few random reindeer here and there:

There were times they were coming and going:

They were never camera shy:

And, when they were separated from the pack, they were quick to text for directions:

And, off they would go thanks to Google maps!

And, just when it all seemed for naught, could it be? well , maybe . . .

No one said Santa did not wear PJs:

And, everyone needs a Christmas Tree:

1 comment:

Linda Medrano said...

I love New York! Particularly at this time of year. There's really not another place like it!