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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big City

Today I am venturing north (well past the Mason Dixon line) to New York for a few days in the big city with some girl friends. I hope I am a little more cultured than an acquaintance of ours who literally did not get off the farm much. Seems years ago that she got the opportunity to go to New York with a group. 

Now Ethel Ann was very excited and very scared. New York was a fer piece up the road. And, they were going to fly there. Ethel Ann had never been on an airplane. Her first moment of panic set in when the flight attendant announced their arrival at Newark. "Oh, no you don't understand, I'm supposed to go to New York not New Ark." Her fears were quickly put to rest when the leader of her group explained that there were 3 major airports in New York metropolitan area.

But a grand time was had by all. She came back with tales of bright lights and fancy clothes. She told stories to her neighbors about yellow cabs and traffic. She saw Broadway and Central Park. She told her kin folks that everything was different up there. "They talk different than us, they walk real fast, why they even have their own food. If you go in a restaurant, they don't have ham hocks and fried chicken. They have this fancy meat called a New York strip.

Of course, now things are much different. New York has become refined enough to appreciate and sell Fried Chicken, although I doubt they know how to do it right. Few young folks down south even know what a ham hock is. But, I digress.

I'll see what the big city has to offer, and try not to embarrass myself along the way.

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