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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ah, The Dress

Wedding Planning

Second Stop - The Dress

Actually, I should say "The" Dress. Several years ago, our daughter found her dream wedding dress. Given she had yet to find her dream man, or even someone she had gone out with more than three or four times, we did not take her very seriously. But, she was in love with the dress. 

Six years later, with a wonderful man, an engagement ring, and an upcoming wedding, she needs a dress. And, she still has her heart set on that dress. Yes, that dress she fell in love with years ago. Most girls fall in love with the guy first. But, our oldest daughter fell head over heals with the dress and stayed loyal for years. 

The problem here is she did not fall in love with the cut or the design or the type of lace. She fell in love with a particular dress by a particular designer. Nothing close will do. She only wants the real thing.

If you are familiar with wedding dresses then you know the designs and trends change as often as a man with a remote control. And, that dress was many wedding dress design generations ago. But, that will not stop my daughter. Her heart is set on that dress. So the hunt is on.

Now, this bucks the trend my daughter has with dresses. For her Deb Ball, we looked at hundreds (seriously) of dresses and none would do. They were too white, too frilly, too plain, too fancy, too tight, too lacy, not lacy enough, had a train, did not have a train, the neck line was too low, or too high. 

I could have become a dress locator for anyone in the state. A mother or daughter could have described what they wanted in a full length white gown and chances were I could have told them where it was because I had seen it and my daughter had rejected it.

Finally in the hunt for the Deb dress, my daughter found a gown she liked. When she called me  with the news, without even seeing the dress, and it being slightly over budget, I gave the store my credit card number and said thanks to the gods for ending my pain and agony. The dress was gorgeous, my daughter was happy, and life was good. 

That was until she went to have it altered. As she tried it on for the seamstress the lady immediately looked at her and told my daughter she should never wear that dress. It did nothing for her. Mercifully, my daughter did not take her advice to heart but thanked her and brought the dress home. Undeterred, she found another lady to alter the dress, and life went on.

Back to our current crisis dilemma. Now, we know exactly what we want, and I fear it is no longer available. To tell the truth, I am not sure which scenario is worse. 

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