Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Font or Not

OK, invitations should be easy. Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post both tell you what to say "Mr. and Mrs. __ request the honour of your presence . . .. ", paper - ivory. (And, yes, "honour" is spelled with a "u".) But then we get to fonts. It used to be so simple but not any longer. And, does your font say something, or worse yet, does it not say something. 

Some of the fonts available:

(SG Balmoral) This is about as common as dirt.
SG Balmoral™ SH Regular

Zapfino, is a little modern, but then folks might think you're uppity.
Zapfino® One

As my Aunty would say, "This might be finer than frog's hair, but we still don't need it." (Parfurmerie)

The font is called "Diplomatic", but not formal enough in my book.
Diplomatic Regular

When I try to read this, I'm about as lost as last year's Easter Egg. (1880 Kurrentshrift)
1880 Kurrentshrift Normal

Looks a little too much like Aunt Kat wrote them by hand. (Dr. Carbfred) 

Dr Carbfred Regular

This is way above my raisin'. (Monsieur La Doulaise) Monsieur La Doulaise Regular

Definitely makes a statement. Way too commanding. (LDS)
LDS Script Italic sample

Well this is Forty going North, but I don't want the invitation to be mistaken for a Coca Cola ad on the back of a lunch counter menu. (Loki Cola)Loki Cola sample

If the wedding were going to be in New England in the 1700's, maybe.  (Linotext)  Next. 

Linotext® Regular

Folks get this and they'll swear they're three sheets to the wind and seeing double. (Aristocrat)Aristocrat™

(Park Avenue) Next. 
Park Avenue® Script Regular

Way to forward. (Inoxida)
Inoxida Regular

I like this, but not for a formal wedding. (Texas Hero)
Texas Hero Regular

It is a little pretentious. My Aunt Kat would tell me it was "Too big for my britches". But, I like it anyway. (Compendium)
Compendium Regular

The jury is still out.

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