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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In the 38%

You know an illness is serious when it has its own website, Of course, by the time I wanted to look at it, it was too late. Yes, I got my flu shot. Yes, I got it early - last fall. However, according to the CDC this year's flu shot is 62% effective. (And, they call it a good match.)  But, I doubt God endowed them with a crystal ball. They are shooting in the dark, or checking with the bookies in Las Vegas to game the odds on which variant of the flu bug to vaccinate against in any given year.  Who am I to question their expertise, I barely made it out of freshman biology.

According to The Daily News, "Chiropractors buck the trend by warning against flu shots." Well, since I would rather trust Minerva in the Bonaventure cemetery in Savannah, Georgia for medical knowledge than someone who got their degree from a school that advertised on the back of match book covers until Bic Lighters made their miniature billboards obsolete, I'll pass on their opinion. That said, last year I got my flu shot early and contracted the flu in January. 

Just this week, I started feeling lousy. I went online and saw the list of symptoms: Fever (afraid to take it but I feel hot), Body Aches (check), Tiredness (check), and a Cough (check). Damnation.

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