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Monday, January 21, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty, a Movie Review

The first time I saw GWTW it was 3 hours and 40 Minutes (240 minutes) long. When you are small that has to be one Hell of a good movie to hold your attention - and it was. Also, they had the courtesy to have an intermission. 

Zero Dark Thirty is 157 minutes - the exact same length as Les Mis. Now, given I am older and the story keeps one's attention, I am still tired of these long movies. What happened to 97 minutes films? 

Jessica Chastain is intense and focused as Maya, the CIA agent who, for many years has no life other than hunting OBL (Osama Bin Laden). There is no spoiler here unless you have been in a cave for the past three years. But, I had a lot of questions. Although, obviously, I was never privy to the goings on of those trying to pursue Al Qaeda (And, contrary to what the media wants us to believe, I do not want to know such and believe that is why we have intelligence (secret) agents  to handle the country's business. But I digress.) 

There seemed to be a laser beam focus on just getting OBL. Now, I know he was the ultimate HVT, but the movie only touched on or eluded to all other terrorists activities, although many of them directly effected the characters themselves. 

Maya's character was so focused she seemed empty. I realize that professionals in this field want their man, but usually, there is more to the person, to the character than just the hunt. But, from what we see there is nothing, no life, no desires (other than getting Bin Laden), little happiness, and no joy - just an empty soul inside a beautiful woman. 

One thing, I did not realize until the end of the movie, there little music in it, and no musical score to speak of which made the reality that much more raw. And, I never heard the term "Zero-Dark-Thirty" ever mentioned in the movie or saw it referred to and neither did my DH. 

The movie was interesting from a historical perspective. If not technically accurate, it gave the general public an idea of what goes on within the intelligence community when trying to find their man. Jessica Chastain played the role of Maya well, however, it would have been a richer role had her character had a bit more depth. Personally, it is not Oscar winning material especially when up against the likes of Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) and Quvenzhané Wallis (Beast of the Southern Wild). If she beats those two, I will have lost all faith in the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences.

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