Take a small town in southern Alabama, and a young lady, just slightly out of step. Add gnarly family trees, entrenched traditions, and everyone living with skeletons in their closets - welcome to Gallagher. There one will find an extraordinary cast of insane characters. And, it could only happen in the South.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Good and an The Bad

Looking at my calendar, two dates are circled in red and I am counting down. 53 days to my daughter's nuptials and 81 until my next trip to the islands. And, therein are lying two issues. Good for the former: new shoes - an issue most woman find a thrill in the hunt for. After all, who doesn't have a collection in their closet. (If you don't, then you are either very frugal, restrained, and I am impressed or a mere amateur working on your collection.)

For the later, horrors: I need a new swimsuit. Ugh!!!! (Insert primal scream.)

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