Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Twitter

Since I consider myself (or at least one of my daughters says I am under the delusion of being) digital, I decided a little over a year ago to jump into the Twitterverse. Given the contacts in my Gmail account number around 1200, it did not take me long to find a bunch of people to follow. Then, being the curious sort I am, I decided that I needed to keep up with important folks also - like Anderson Cooper, Mark Halperin, Andrea Mitchell, Bryan Williams, etc. 

So, I had my account. Now what? Immediately I was bombarded with tweets from Anderson Cooper, then Bryan Williams. Should I Tweet back? Probably not. Then a day or two later, I got a Tweet from someone I knew. After carefully considering what I would say, I Tweeted something pithy in response. Over the course of the next month, I would check my Twitter account and saw that I was getting Tweets, some from other than the "Famous" folks. 

And, amazingly, I had developed a following. I actually had people who wanted to follow me. Which led to another problem -  now, I had to have something to say, less they be disappointed. I had a one friend who Tweeted constantly about Clemson sports - the teams, the stats, the players, the recruiting, their rivals. Unless one spoke "Clemson", it may as well been Swahili. Then there was another friend I was following who was a technical consultant. His Tweets were all about the latest and greatest routers, systems, drives, and software. That was way above me. Of course, there were the friends, who Tweeted, "At Annie's softball  game, Go Bears!!!" Please save me.

So, every once in a while I would throw something out there that (I thought) was witty. And, sometimes I'd add a picture I had taken. Meanwhile, I started getting requests from all these people I knew nothing about who wanted to follow me. At first, I was flattered. Wow, I thought, someone must have thought my Tweets good enough to have Re-Tweeted them. But, I was careful to look at the profile at each person with a request. Much to my dismay, some were politicians, some were activists out to change the world, but most were into pornography. So much for my 15 minutes of fame. Obviously, I did not care for any of them to follow me, less I be found in their company.

Next, I realized I needed to get my Tweets on my phone, since I wasn't always on my computer, I was never up-to-date. So I checked "Turn on Mobile Notifications" for all those I was following. That was a mistake. The first day I was deluged with Tweets. Does anyone realize how many times a day Anderson Cooper Tweets? Or, Bryan Williams? I was beginning to think he did his entire newscast on Twitter. Obviously, I needed to go back and be a little more selective on exactly whose Tweets I wanted to receive on my phone. 

So now, a year later, I am following 49 folks, have 25 followers and am still not sure what I am doing. However, I am determined to figure this out yet. My problem is - what if the folks who say they are following me don't read their Tweets? If so, then I am a voice crying in the wilderness.

Whatever. Tweet me @anncurriew

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