Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From MOB to MIL

Several years ago I said something to one of my daughters and in total horror realized my mother had chastised me years ago the same way word for word. Oh God, I was becoming my mother. Cokie Roberts wrote a book, "We Are Our Mother's Daughters", and dammit, not only did she remind us we were preordained to this fate, but she made money on it when we bought the book. Which, by the way, I recommend anyone reading in case you haven't yet. At least it will make your fate a little softer. But, I digress.

Even worst than that, this morning, for some unknown reason, it dawned on me now I have a moniker that is the butt of jokes, am a person to be avoided, and have the ability to make a situation worse by simply walking in a room. I am now a mother-in-law. And, I have yet to find a book on this one. 

I did nothing to achieve this mantle. My daughter simply got married and her happy bliss doomed me for life. This is what nine months of pregnancy, five hours of labor, and a wedding gets you - a title no one wants. 

I will tread lightly. 

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Linda Medrano said...

My DIL and I have a great relationship. Don't worry about being a MIL. You'll do fine.