Friday, June 7, 2013

The Pain (in the rear end) of Separation

What did I do? As I have mentioned earlier, we are having a canine mental health crisis here. We are not sure whether Abby has decided that Ellie looks tasty to her or she wants her gone - and she plans to take care of the problem herself. To quote Lady McBeth, "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!" And, because of this little issue, no pun intended, we have to keep Ellie separated from Abby at all times.

This has been a chore given we are used to opening the back door, and just saying "Get" and down the steps they went, happy as clowns out of a car. They would romp and frolic together for hours in the back yard. And, if they wanted to come in, the would sit at the back door and let us know, or if we needed them in, we would just call. Generally they all played together. There were times when one would rather be out when the others were in or vice a versa but they always got along - very well. That was until that one fateful day we had to pry Ellie from Abby's jaws. Life has not been the same since.

Keeping them separate is exhausting. If Ellie is out and wants to come in, she has to be brought in through the side door into the kitchen which has been closed off and left there until Abby and Lily have been let out the back door. When the den has been "secured", she can be let out of the kitchen. And, when we need her to go out, the Airedales are put in their crates until she gets out of the house, or the kitchen maneuver is reversed. 

Lily is on neither side. She would rather play with Abby, since Abby knows all the "Airedale Games", but she can go with Ellie as well. More often than not, Ellie is by herself, either in or out. And, this makes a very lonely Norwhich. She is a social creature by nature. She is constantly looking up at me like "What did I do?"

To get back to my original question, thanks to Andrea, the first storm of the season, it is raining hard. And, it has been for two days now and the forecast calls for at least two more days. The problem with this is that, since it is not an off and on drizzle kind of rain, but the coming down in buckets sort, the dogs are staying inside most of the day. Poor Ellie is relegated to my office, unless Abby and Lily are outside or she is outside. Now, she has always had a bed, water, and toys in here. And, since she was a puppy been in and out of my office. However, required to stay in here for hours is not her idea of a good time.

Thank goodness our appointment with the Animal Behavioral Specialist (ie Vet Shrink)  is next week. I'm not  sure whom this is more stressful on - us or the pups. 

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