Monday, July 8, 2013

The Heat, a Movie Review

Often movie trailers show all the funny lines and by the time you see the movie, you've already seen the best parts. Well, The Heat with Melissa McCarthy (as Mullins) and Sandra Bullock (as Ashburn) is not such a case. I am going to have to see the movie a second time. The reason - I often found myself laughing so hard at one line (along with my DH and everyone else in the theater) that I would miss the following line which was obviously as funny.  

This is the movie best described as "The Bridesmaids" in uniform. (Or in the case of Melissa McCarthy's "uniform", not so much.) It is hard to describe her outfit but it was as old as the four door Rambler she drove around the streets of Boston, often in total disregard of everything around her, and as shabby. At one point Ashburn tells Mullins that just turning her shirt inside out does not make it clean to wear the next day.

And, even with the insane humor and physical comedy (neither of these great actresses lets you down) there is a good story line. Bullock plays straight man to McCarthy's comic genius. Think of McCarthy with a badge, an attitude, no couth, and even worse social skills thrown together with  Bullock's character as an FBI agent, even more arrogant than her role as Margaret Tate in "The Proposal". And, it goes down hill from there. 

Mullins' dialogue is foul, to say the least, but it truly fits her character. Ashburn reeks of her Yale degree and has a hard time relating to anyone else. Both are serious about their careers in law enforcement. We learn early on that Ashburn has solved the case of an infamous serial killer. Mullins, meanwhile, has arrested her own brother. (I would assume anyone with a grenade launcher in her refrigerator is pretty much "into" her job.)

Jane Curtin has a hilarious, although very small, role in the film as Mullins' mother. One of the great scenes in the movie is Ashurn finding herself at  the dinner table with Mullins' dysfunctional family. And, although everyone at the table speaks English, there is a major failure to communicate.

The 117 minutes flew by. Now, I just need to see the movie again and get the lines I missed the first time. 

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