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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spare Dimes and Pink Slips

For the first time in 33 years, on October 1st, I have no job. (Well, as of today there are no plans.) Thanks to the sequester - yes, folks it does effect real people - my job cannot be renewed. And, since I fall in that black hole of "Fifty something year olds being squeezed out of the work force," I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed, 'mister can you spare a dime' population. 

I have spent the past several months chasing options and leads. When I considered staying in Cayman and scaling fish, I wasn't kidding. Why not? Suddenly, for several reasons, I am more open minded than ever. The first is obvious - I have no pride and need a job. The other is that at my age, I have come to the conclusion (yes, I am very slow) that perhaps someone can do something that they truly enjoy, an occupation that is creative, productive - where you feel like you are truly contributing to the world. Not a job, but a livelihood, maybe even a passion. 

Well, now that I have shared my dreams that my next job be more a calling, maybe some mission, I best get back to the matter at hand and reality. I need employment that pays money. In a perfect world, my career would continue with a phone call from some needy employer. Hell, in a perfect world, I would have won the lottery and my only decision would involve my next travel itinerary.

So, I move forward. If anyone has any suggestions, pass them along. 

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