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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thanks for Sharing - a Movie Review

The whole movie, Thanks for Sharing,  revolves around a group of sex addicts in therapy. When Adam (played by Mark Ruffalo) confesses his illness to Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow), her comment is something to the effect of - That really exists? I thought men just used that as an excuse when their wives caught them cheating? Yes, it exists and this movie tackles it head on, so to speak. 

The story line follows 4 members of Sex Addicts Anonymous support group as they deal with their demon in their daily lives. Besides Adam who is celebrating his 5th year of "sobriety", there is Mike (Tim Robbins), an older member, Adam's sponsor, who has been a leader and admired by many in the program. Neil (Josh Gad) is a porky out of control doctor who is new to the group and not there by choice but rather by court order. And, then Dede (played by Pink, Alecia Moore), probably the most intriguing character in the group. 

The characters' stories weave in and out of each other's lives. Mike has a wife who has stood by him through everything and the surprise return of their estranged son, Danny (Patrick Fugit). Neil's world has hit the wall and he has to deal with reality and his mom played by Carol Kane (who is almost farcical). Dede can only relate to men through sex which has led to a life of self destruction. And, then there is Adam, who has finally reached the point in his recovery when he needs to start dating. 

Some reviews call it a comedy, some call it a romantic comedy, the New York Times refers to it as a melodrama. I found it to be a poignant look inside an illness most of us know nothing about and have never considered.  It is a painful view of the emotional challenges and personal strength it takes for these mortals to overcome something most of us can easily dismiss. The combination of romance and comedy help ease the brunt and reality of seeing sex addiction behind the curtains in society. 

The cast is strong, the script is well written, and although, the story touches on the relationship between substance addiction with sex addiction, The New York Times writes, "But most of the rest of the movie never transcends a screenwriting formula that makes you uncomfortably aware of the machinery driving it all." I disagree, just when you are comfortable with their recovery, the dark side of the demon jars you back into their reality. More like an emotional roller coaster, it keeps the story moving and your interest peaked. 

Add this one to your list. It is a good investment of 112 minutes. Also, I can see a new career for Pink (Alecia Moore). She is phenomenal playing a tortured female caught up in a predominately male dominated addiction.   

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