Monday, October 7, 2013

Enough Said, A Movie Review

I am probably the only red blooded curious American who did not turn into The Sopranos each week. Yes, I missed one of the best dramas ever. I know. But, I digress.

That said, I never saw James Gandolfini in that role. However, his performance as Albert in Enough Said lives up to his professional billing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Eva, in this film shows a depth of acting I have never seen from her before. Her incredible comedic talent shines (as always) but she goes further to be able to play the vulnerable side of a her character.

The New York Time raved "Line for line, scene for scene, it is one of the best-written American film comedies in recent memory and an implicit rebuke to the raunchy, sloppy spectacles of immaturity that have dominated the genre in recent years." In fact, most reviews of this movie have been very good. 

There is a supporting cast of characters, most of whom are well developed to put together a really good story line. The movie is funny and yet touching. However, the tale is like a train on a track. You are in the coach, and as the story moves along you get an idea of where it is going, then you realize you are heading for a train wreck. When you emerge you are unscathed, but you look at the wreckage and have a lot of questions. If the train only could have made it to one more station.

Perhaps this will make no sense to most folks. It was a good movie but it needed several more scenes. I do, however, recommend an investment of 93 of your minutes.

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