Sunday, October 20, 2013

In A World, a Movie Review

This may be a film that you never see on the marquis at the local megaplex. However, if you do, it is well worth the 93 minutes of your time. Lake Bell wrote, directed, and starred in this comedy that pits women against men, shows the power struggle in a generational change, and ties all this up with the messiness of family issues and a budding romantic relationship between two awkward capable adults. 

The trailer for every major movie epic starts with "In a World . . ." That low, serious voice draws us in, making us sit on the edge of our seat wanting more. This movie, In a world, is about the business of movie trailer voice overs, something I never thought much about before.

Lake Bell plays the role of Carol, the daughter of one of the greatest Movie Trailer Voice Overs in the business, Moe Solomon (Rob Corddry). She is struggling with her career in the same field and getting little advice from him with the exception of the industry doesn't want women, the public will not take you seriously. 

It is amazing, despite having ADD is spades, being socially awkward, having no real life, and basically being homeless, how far talent will take someone. When you add these factors together with your arrogant father having his newest 30 year old bimbo, Jamie (Alexandra Holden), move in with him, being oblivious to someone's attraction to you, and finding yourself suddenly successful, it makes for a poignant story wrapped in a comedy with a touch of romance. And, no, this is not a chick flic at all.  I think my DH will attest to that.

Other cast members include Ken Marino playing Gustav, Demetri Martin playing Louis, and Eva Longorio playing herself. The pace is quick and the story is not necessarily predictable. Yes,  I recommend this movie. 

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