Monday, October 28, 2013

The Coffee Club

The one hurdle I needed to cross in writing my book was my brother. No one else bothered me. All the other characters had passed on, bless their hearts. But, my brother still had some skin in the game and I did not want to hurt his feelings. I, also, wanted to put him on notice that this was my idea first.

He had called about some estate issues when I casually brought the subject up. "I am going to write a book about Mama. You have to think about it, her life quite interesting, all she did, how southern she was. In fact there were parts of her life that were comical. And, she helped people." "Oh, I agree with you. She had an interesting life." "Remember all those folks who came out of the woodwork at the visitation - all her friends from AA?" "Who could forget that."

"Oh," and he added, "don't forget about the coffee club." Obviously, I had the green light there.

I had forgotten about the "coffee club". My brother said a nicely dressed man came up to him at the funeral and introduced himself. He told my brother how much he enjoyed my mother. The gentleman went on to say he had known her for years, but had not see her lately. My brother said he did not know this man or recognize his name.

Then the gentleman went on to say, it wasn't the same every Wednesday morning without her. This peaked my brother's attention. Upon inquiry, the gentleman told him that she was part of their coffee club that had met every Wednesday morning for 17 years at one of the local restaurants. He said there maybe a dozen or so of them. And, that she was a dedicated member and rarely failed to attend unless she was out of town.

My brother asked what the purpose of the club was and the man replied, nothing particular. They just enjoyed each other's company and would chit chat for an hour or so, then go on about their day.

Who knew? Neither of us for sure. Our town is only so big and for her to be a member of a group who met in public for 17 years and we had not heard a thing about it? It wasn't AA because they would never meet in public. I don't think it was church related. God only knows and right now he's not telling. Another mystery of my mother.

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