Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Nightmare of Escaping Atlanta

I have found it hard to sleep lately. Have you ever had that horrible dream, not the one where you show up at work naked, but where you cannot get anywhere? Like you are in north Atlanta trying together back to South Carolina. As you come down I-85  you get engulfed in 5 o'clock traffic even though it isn't 5 o'clock yet. And just as get on I- 285, you learn that there has been a major car accident that has most of I-285 and I-20 East at a stand still. 

You pull off at the next exit, consult Google maps on your phone and plot out another route on state roads. Soon you realize two things- a lot of folks have decided to do the same thing and you now are dealing with stop lights every other block. You start your new rather circuitous route anyway. As traffic starts to move and you can see that you are making progress you find yourself behind a succession of city buses on their regular routes, stopping for folks. 

Finally, you make it through the country to I-20 and are on your way home in very light traffic. Your cell phone beeps indicating you have a text. Being a safe driver you pull off at the next exit, to safely read the text. Only then do you realize that this exit off the interstate has no return ramp. 

And, after consulting Google maps you see that the closest route back to the interstate is going to take most likely an additional hour. This is when your phone rings and you hope like Hell it is your alarm clock taking you out of this frustration nightmare. But, alas, it was not. 

This was my trip home from Atlanta last night. A four hour trip took almost 6 hours. Oh, as for the exit, I very carefully backed down the exit ramp to the Interstate. Hell, if I was going on another goose chase. I think Scarlet did a better job escaping Atlanta when it was burning with Melanie and  Prissy in that cart with the dying mule than I did with a V-6, a full tank of gas, interstate highway system and Google maps. 

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