Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a Movie Review

I would love to give you a full review of Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. However, since we only stayed for the first 20 minutes or so  that would be difficult. I can say in all fairness those incredibly long tedious minutes did not hold my attention, nor did they interest me enough to stay for the remaining 100 minutes or so.

No doubt the plot thickened, the pace quickened, and the story developed after we departed - or so I hope for those souls who stayed behind. I, however, was not willing to sacrifice my free time to see what happened. Watching a grown man zone out at any given moment as he lives some day dream is not my idea of a fun time. And, the other characters in the story were painful to watch. Their plodding and tedious performances only made it worse.

I will say the way the opening credits were done was quite creative which gave me hope only to be dashed several minutes later by an unimaginable heroic daydream by Mr. Mitty. Well, in all fairness, it was obviously imaginable to him, after all it was his day dream. I took it as an omen of things to come and prayed it would get better. However, I did not have the patience to watch Ben Stiller's character often act like a deer in the head lights, actually more like someone living in a slower parallel universe beside reality clueless how as to how to jump the divide. 

The visual Stiller, as the Director, used putting Mitty, the character, in black and white clothing was effective. Only Stiller's brilliant blue eyes showed that there was life in the character that moved at 3/4's time (and I do not allude to a waltz.)

And, the worse, most criminal part of all was the waste of Kristen Wiig's talent. She was cast as Cheryl Melhoff,  the girl Mitty secretly adores. Her character was flat, a feat I thought impossible for Wiig. (And, yes, I know I only saw little of the film - but her lines had a long way to go to give her the role she could run with.) Shirley McLaine played the part of his mother, pretty much a stock character.

I may have missed the most exciting 100 minutes of film this year by exiting early. If so, I'll take my chances. But, hey, this is but my humble opinion. The film garnered 4 out of 5 stars. I guess one of those stars would have been mine since it is a major motion picture with the star power of Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig, I cannot tell you where the other two came from. 

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